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A 360 headless commerce framework

We partnered with Seventh Media to build a solid headless web & commerce framework to easily deploy bespoke web experiences without loosing a lot of time on building the foundations. ATOMIX enables you to quickly deploy engaging web experience that can connect to any headless backend and marketing suite. The framework is build in a modular fashion allowing you to activate any common features and experiences that you require, and tailor them to match your brand.

News update: Seventh Media released ATOMIX, a unique 360 headless commerce framework. Learn more

Project goals

  • Fast-track web development for startups.
  • Develop a modular bootstrap framework for fast headless web (PWA) development.
  • Incorporate modular solution for common flows and features.
  • Support all modern web-standards and best-practises by default.
  • Support accessibility, cookie and dark-mode features by default.
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