Careers At Valkin

In the past few years we have laid much of the ground work of our current business, but our work has only just begun! We have some ambitious plans — and we need change-makers, open minds and fresh ideas to make them a reality.

Our Culture

Welcome To Valkin

Freedom and trust
Being remote-first means we place a lot of value on freedom and trust. Everyone here can make decisions and get things done in a way that makes sense to them.

Embracing change
Our industry is always evolving, and it’s up to us to make an impact where it counts. So we work hard to stay flexible, adapt and always be ready for change.

Owning our work
We believe in taking ownership and responsibility for what we do, working proactively, figuring things out, and asking for forgiveness rather than permission.

And on top


From flexible hours and company equity, to laptops and unlimited leave — working here comes with some great benefits.

What to expect

Our process

We value your time and the effort you put in to applying for a role with us, so we’ll do our best to make your application and interview process as enjoyable as possible. We aim for no more than four interviews in total, and we’ll keep you informed about what to expect at every stage.

Here’s what happens after you apply:

  • If your application matches with the profile we are looking for, we’ll kick things off with a call to get to know you better, understand your current situation, your motivations and your goals.
  • Often, we’ll ask you to complete a practical exercise to give us an idea of how you work, communicate, and solve problems. This could be a short quick task or a presentation you’ll give in your next interview. It’s also your chance to see how we work, get to know our industry and understand our challenges.
  • Your final interview stages we will organise a call to connect with the broader team
  • Whether you’re successful or not with us, we’ll always give you feedback. It’s our way of saying thanks for the time and effort you put in to applying.